Meet the Judges


John Randolph
, of Lonesome Pines Ranch, located in Smithville, TX. has been raising registered Texas Longhorn cattle since 1992. John has participated in many Butler events and currently retains several Straight Butler cows in his herd of 175 head. John is very active in shows and futurities as a participant and judge, and has traveled extensively across the United States. John and his wife Christy, were recently honored by receiving the Jack Phillips award from the TLBAA. 

Janis Webb
, lives in Washington, TX located in Washington County Texas. She is married to Vernon Webb. Together they operate VJ Longhorns and have raised Straight Butler cattle since 1983. They started with a Classic son No Double and Superior daughter VJ Superior's Droppy which produced the Butler Icon VJ Tommie aka Unlimited.Janis has raised many prolific Butler cattle and was the backbone of the Butler Breeder's Invitational sale for nearly 20 years. Since they sold their print shop in Brenham they have been raising Texas Longhorn x Charolais beef cattle.

David Wars
, has been involved with Texas Longhorns for nearly 35 years. David along with his wife Bracy operate as W5 Texas Longhorns. They have two sons with families of their own and 4 Grandchildren.They currently run about 15 - 20 head of registered cattle. David works for the Texas Dept. of Transportation for Trinity County and parts of Houston County. He is currently serving as Director for Region 7 and was recently appointed to the TLBAA Executive Committee to work with Research and Education along with the Mini Longhorn program.David has judged shows and futurities across the country and in the past has worked with Butler cattle and Breeders alike. 

Julie Pack
, began showing and breeding Texas Longhorn cattle 1998 and she began judging cattle professionally in 2002. She maintains her small herd on her family's farm in Dublin, TX with the help of her parents Jim & Jan Pack. Dr. Pack received her Bachelor of Science degree from Tarleton State University in Animal Science in 2006, a Master of Science from Texas A&M in Reproductive Physiology in 2008 a Master of Science from Tarelton State in Biology in 2010 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from Texas A&M IN 2014.Dr. Pack is an active duty service member in the United States Army and is stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

Lonnie Shan, 
has been active with the Longhorn Breed since 1994. He was a director for the South Texas Longhorn Association for many years, and switched to a Straight Butler herd in 2004. He has served as a judge online and in the ring, and was active showing cattle. Lonnie is probably better known as an artist and has painted many cattle from prominent Butler herds. He has also designed several well known Longhorn logos, including the TLBAA logo and the Butler Beauty logo.